trying to race competitively, are you experienced??

been trying to race and give some competition but it only happens sometimes! I cannot play the xbox all the time so I am trying to get up to speed! I switched off my traction and abs ( I am racing in the s class circuit) and next time will switch to manual with clutch but what is the secret!?? Is it the tuning?? Maybe the upgrades I need to tweak?? Race tires?? Weight reduction??  Any tips would be great, I guess I am looking for a yoda! Thanxx


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Tunes can play a big part, but really the best way to learn is to just get out there and race.  Download some ghosts from the leaderboards and try to follow them.  See where they brake, where they shift, etc. and try to mimic them as best you can. Being quick is not something you learn how to do overnight, it takes time and patience, and diligence to get better.

Well, racing S class does not help.   Most of the S class cars rely on raw power to go fast around a track, as long as you can point it straight, it doesn't matter who badly you took that last corner, you can make that up on the straights.

Switch to a lower class, like D or C.  You'll learn the basics such as proper lines, threshold braking, and proper weight distrubtion through cornering for maximum grip.  I wouldn't go E or F as ANY time lost by needless braking or traction loss will result in substancial penalty (yes, F is harder to drive fast than S).  

Having someone say F is harder than A or S doesn't surprise me, for some reason... mostly due to the lack of acceleration in those cars, I think.


I feel like being a good racer is something you're sort of born with, in a way... I mean, I know of some people that play this game all day every day, yet I come on once every few weeks, and obliterate their leaderboard score WITHOUT any assists on.



I will look up your times OrdealByFire b/c I find it very hard to pick up a game like FM and "obliterate" LB times... Unless your using LB cars.

If you wanna get consistent, race with the braking line on.

If you wanna get faster, play with manual clutch, and swap the clutch and handbrake.

If you get lucky, you might join a club with LB hotlappers, like I did. It makes a huge difference.

@OrdealByFire TPR b0x is someone who obliterates LB's.

there are a lot of factors to getting faster but none more important than track knowledge.  general track knowledge developed after running a few thousand laps will make you much faster in ANY car, with or without a tune.  assists can make you faster or slower depending on which car you are in. in lower class/lower HP cars use no assists, in super powerful FWD or RWD's use the TCS assist, keep the suggested line on till you have learned the track well enough to not need it. as noted above, race a ghost, when you beat it find a faster ghost.  and yes, stay out of those super fast cars till you are smooth and improving in the lower class cars, in the fast cars you'll likely just be building bad habits.

       I make jokes about running 10,000 laps to get faster but that is the reality.....

I forgot one great tip, watch replays of the LB leaders. You will see lines you've never even thought of, and they make a huge  difference.

By obliterating scores, I meant people on my friend list or in my car club.

someone told me also to tune and send your tunes to a very good experienced driver(s) so they can give some feedback too! I wish i had more time to race! I like Forza better than GTurismo but I admit that I jumped to the high classes to race.... Thanks for all of your suggestions and will let you know how it goes

I haven't heard that before, but it sounds like a good idea. I'm no tuner, but I can tell what a good tune is, so you're welcome to send some to me, and I'll give some feedback :)