Trying to get a team going for horde mode on insane

Ill be on for the whole day today.  If anyone wants to get that done send a f.r to me.  Of course it will be stupid at times but with the right map and good team that wont back down we can get it done.  I have all the stuff to make it easier to such as coment cant run out of ammo the super reload and super falcon punch


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what is the super falcon punch?


Falcon punch sounds better though

Ok so far got 1 do 3 more want in?

Need 2 more and on wave 35

im in...add me if you want

what I miss?

Just did it last night with a team of 3 total.  Took 2:58:39 on Escalation.  Glad to get that out of the way.  Would of been faster if we had a team of 5 but it wasnt to hard just took more time then anything.

any for horde add me ill help out i need to play all 50 in one sitting and on insane