Trying To Find A Hardcore clan for MW3

I just want a mature, hard-core, gaming community that's filled with people that are better than me. i'm tired of being the only good person in almost every random lobby i find. it's just too easy! I don't even want to be affiliated with people that use mods or just plain cheat! plz drop a msg if you have a truly god-like clan that i can join. Bye!


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We're not all on God Mode but the ones that aren't will get there with time. Here at Project GU, we're more worried about having a good time rather than a stolen kill....take for example myself. I run recon pro with a recon drone so then my teammates can finish off whatever I can't, and I can typically get about 7-15 assists a game, along with 20 kills. But as I said, we're not all that way...we all have jobs and some still have courses in college so we can't always be on 24/7 but when we can, we play hard and we play to win and have a enjoyable gaming session.

i run my own clan and was going to try and recruit you but pride had a good post.

Come check out this Clan Commununity "Legion of Honor" Big selection of members. 500 +. Espcially for BF 3 and MW 3.  Over 12 plus Groups (10-12 peeps per group) for both MW 3 and BF 3.Vey Organized and Structured, for all types of gamers.

Feel free to hit me up on live too.