Trying to figure out why I received a temporary credit ban while playing Reach in matchmaking.

Last night I was playing Halo Reach with a woefully unskilled neighbor kid. After a number of games in swat and moving to slayer I observed a pop up in my screen informing me that my gamer tag and Xbox had received a temporary credit ban. I have absolutely no idea why this ban was placed on my account and Xbox. I have been playing since halo 2 and have never willfully done anything to boost my rankings or cheat in any way. I do complete some of the challenges to earn credits but I do not spend hours credit farming. I play to have fun. Being threatened with bans for no apparent reason in addition to the fact that support for these issues is far less than adequate is more than a minor annoyance to me. If anyone can tell me why this ban occurred, how to prevent it, and how long it will last, it would be greatly appreciated. My faith in Xbox is rapidly dwindling given this incident and the difficulty talking to anyone about it.


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I found the reason. I also accept it as my fault. Although I tapped the B button about 6 times before going to dinner, I see in my game stats 0 kills on a game where I was apparently auto thrust back into the game while eating dinner. I accept the penalty as fair for this, however, I am still extremely disgusted that their was no notification of the reason and instead of answers from the various support departments I only received another name or number to contact.

It's your first time, it was temporary, and you neglected to check your own stats before ringing support.


It'll be over soon, and it's ok?

someone accepting a temp ban as their fault? what is this madness?

i can understand being frustrated even though you are at fault, but thats just the way the cheese cake crumbles! i wouldnt be so quick to ask for more attention from such a minor offence, just be a bit more carful in the future! say you create a traffic offence like speeding, get a small fine and carry on your way, what you did could have been worse, but for now wasnt, in the bigger picture there are a lot worse problems for the people policing to deal with and give their time to, if you want to avoid these things JUST DONT DO IT.

I'm sorry to inform you that you were NOT banned for being "thrown back into a game while at dinner". Taking a look at your game history from September 4th, you played a LOT of games with a guest (the alleged unskilled neighbor). You played 12 games with him, and the most kills he ever recorded was 1. Most games he had a score in the 0-10 to the 0-14 K/D range. When the automated Banhammer sees that, it immediately suspects boosting or AFKing, both actions which are subject to suspensions in Reach.


It is rather unfortunate that you were cR banned if you were playing legitimately. But for future reference, you can't go long streaks of games with an AFKing guest or someone so terrible that they only manage 3 kills in 12 games. That DOES look very suspicious after all, especially playing SWAT where you only need 1 shot to kill someone. If you ever play with that person again, I'd highly recommend sticking to custom games. You could possibly train him so he'd be good enough to go into matchmaking with you without getting you banned.


By the way, their is no warning necessary now for what you can get banned for. The game has been out for a year, it is considered common knowledge.


Good luck on your future Reach endeavors! Hope this post helped some.