Try out my Ninja Warrior course! (inspired by the tv show on G4)

Hi all,

Just finished up my forge map of a Ninja Warrior course not long ago and wanted to post it for the world to see and attempt themselves! If anyone watches Ninja Warrior on G4, you'll recognize some of the obstacles, though they are sometimes difficult to create in Halo so, I just had to go with my own vision of it, such as the Spider Jump, hehe. Here's the links:

Link to video playthrough:

Link to map in fileshare: 02&player=Hydrilus

Link to gametype in fileshare: 43&player=Hydrilus

Post any comments or suggestions, especially if something doesn't I've tested it a lot, ESPECIALLY one of the obstacles which involves a golf ball container...that caused a lot of problems early on but I came up with a complete re-design of it and it works consistently now...took forever though!

Anyway, enjoy!


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I did!  Though I'm sure they get hundreds, if not thousands of submissions a week...  In one of their recent Fails of the Week videos, they mentioned how far behind they are in using 'fail clips' and they said that they were still looking at submissions from 2010 or something like that.

Map submissions are probably quite a bit less frequent than video clips but, still...if they like it, I could probably expect them to feature it some time early next year :P

did you by any chance sent the map to the guys from achievement hunters?

Nice job bro. I also downloaded Ninja Warrior: KOTH.

Yea, it was just skipping a couple pegs, didn't think it'd be much of a problem, more of skill than anything, but figured I'd show it anyway.


lol @ Bogalo almost giving in and watching the vids.


You're a sneaky one, you are!  haha, just watched the videos...  The Spider Jump area on top, wow...I wasn't expecting THAT spot to be the problem area...but, I guess I forgot Spartans have the ability to walk along ledges of any tiny width...and long as it HAS width at all, haha, nice job :P

I didn't understand what the Golf Ball Race 1 vid was though...what was the problem there?  Other than maybe skipping a peg or two?  

I love this game!

Haven't completed it yet ... I keep falling off things.....

Well done, thanks.

=) OK OK ill try again first!

No Bogalo!  Don't do it!  RESIST! haha

JBONYU i might check out your vids, i got stuck at the golf ball part last night, then had to go drop the kids off at the pool, and havent tried it since!

=) i suppose that i will need to try it if i am getting a cake!

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