True matchmaking for each individual playlist like Halo 3

My favorite part about the H3 matchmaking was how your rank was different for each game mode you played. BTB, team snipers, team death match, lone wolf....


That helped balance the gameplay for each mode.  Reach allowed the rank to carry over to every single game mode including campaign and firefight. I really hope they go back to the other matchmaking like Halo 3.   I dont need to see the rank number like in Halo 3, but I would like it to be different for each mode.  


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I heard rank will only be visible to the player, no one else. Playlist rank? I'm unsure.

I am not concerned with seeing the rank, I just want some sort of individual ranking for each mode like in Halo 3.   If I dont play team snipers very much, I dont really want to be thrown into the wolves when I do eventually play that mode.  Halo 3 had this nailed almost to perfection.  Worked very well.  Even if I cant see the number, that will be fine with me.  

I do understand that, and i liked that feature as well.