Troy Baker!!

Watched the 15min Demo and i was listening to Booker and as soon as he talked im like no freaking way its Troy Baker, If anyone ever watched Naruto english you will know that Troy Baker does the Voice of Yamato and Pain. He also played the voice of Gene in Bleach Bount Arch. So freaking Excited for this game even more now. I gotta play this, I really hope that demo comes to the Xbox 360 and PS3. 


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I loved both of the games. I will get this one when it comes out but I have my doubts. The thing that made these games so great besides a new way to play a FPS was the environment. Rapture felt very claustrophobic. And the spaces were very tight and dark. This new game has none of this that I have seen from the footage we have been given. Everything is out in the open and well lite.

To me it seems like making an Aliens movie in broad daylight. Your nit going to get the same feeling. So we shall see.

Hmmm I understand what you say. However I am sort of looking forward to being in the light i mean even though its in the light it is still the same corrupt people that is BioShock. I don't know im really looking forward to it. But 2012 dang it. Well i will have a lot of games to play till then.

BioShock Infinite preview:

When I heard his voice I was like, "that's the guy from Saints Row 3" lol.