Trouble with Xbox Live after downloading Annihilation pack

Wondered if anyone else out there had noticed Xbox Live acting strangely since downloading the new map pack.

Since I downloaded it, it takes loner than usual to sign into Xbox Live and sometimes my gamerpicture, game history and gamerscore don't show up. Also, when I play Black Ops my settings are reset.

I've tried recovering my gamertag, signing in and out of Live and clearing my HDD cache, but the problem keeps cropping up.

Anyone else run into this kind of problem?


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I haven't even been able to download it yet....

I tried to download the Annihilation MP yesterday but with no avail.  I have a uk disk and uk account but i am in Malta.  I thought that this was now problem as Malta doesnt have its own area on XBOX Live so i can change my account to that region.

I was allowed to pay and get some Microsoft Points so why cant i download the MP, or was it just that there were problems yesterday ???

Thanks for any assistance


Your best bet would be to have a friend or family member in the UK download it to a flash drive and send it to you. The map packs are region protected so everything has to match.

[quote user="Temhotabot"]

You need to make sure everything below matches:


Account Region+Game Disc Region+Actual Live in Region=ALL must match


PR+PR+US=Denied      US+PR+PR=Denied         PR+US+PR=Denied      PR+PR+PR=Access


There have been known issues where everything matched (in Australia mainly) and they still couldn't download it due to the ISP they were using. Try taking your console to a friend/neighbor/family members house and downloading it there from a different ISP.


That happens to me occasionally, just XBL being laggy.

Does it happen every time you sign in?

Also, how is your internet connection with a computer?