Trouble with latency any suggestions?

So iv gone through everything with xbox done everything they have told me and no difference. I experiencing latency I'm about half a second behind everyone. My internet speed is 55 mbps but to the xbox I get 3.8. Hooked up my laptop to the hard wire I use for my xbox and it get 54 mbps. Iv changed all the settings to what they say will fix it and nothing. They told me I should be getting 10-20 mbps down on speed test on my xbox. I ha e a static ip did the ports correctly. Is something wrong with my xbox? This has only started happening in the past month or so.


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I had that same problem to what I did is I started turning off all of the cell phones and note pads.that seemed to clear it up plus every time I turn off my Xbox I do a hard reset that seems to help as well...hope you get it fix

Sadly it's just my xbox on the network :/ hooked up a buddies xbox to it and he read the same speeds, I'm curious as to what everyone else is getting on xbox 360 at through Internet Explorer on the xbox. I just don't know what to do anymore I feel as if the multi player experience is ruined for me. I'm not sure if it's just because the new systems have came out they aren't putting effort into the old server anymore but I can't figure out why it is the way it is.