Trouble with installing

So last night, I installed the game, booted it up and noticed it was still running off the disc. I go back to the dashboard because sometimes that does happen and all it takes is a little rebooting. Rebooted....still same problem. So i go back to dash, delete the game and re-install, just incase. NOPE. It still runs off the disc. I mean it eventually stops spinning after like 10min or so, but I don't know why. I've never had this problem with any other game I have installed.

Is it happening to anyone else? Maybe a fix is in place?

Third time I had to edit this post because paragraphs, as usual, are jacked up.

FOURTH TIME.  Why isn't it working.


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I had the same problem man.  All I did was ignore it an started playing a match and then it randomly STOPPEd reading off the disc....  So weird.

Same problem fact, I just made another thread about it.  :-)

Yup! I don't know why it does that.

I guess it's because that the game disk is of the new XGD3 format.

It is because of thenew discs. It will read for a few minutes.

^ this.  Happens with all the new games now I tested it last night

Alright, good to know. Because I was wondering also if my game was really installed, or not.