trouble with final sharpshooter ambient challenge

It's the sloe item left in my challenge menu.  I've been trying it with the evans repeater but these guys die when i shoot them in the hand.  Having trouble disarming with any kind of consistency.  Seems like I do it more frequently when i casually aim at enemies.  Anyone have a better way


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pardon me, I mean sole item

Try hitting their rifles only, you can get their rifle barrels easily when they're in cover. Pistols, not so much.

Try using a weaker gun and take your shots in deadeye. Did mine in Gaptooth breech, just targeted one guy at a time.

Like revanflashman said, I'd try with the Repeater Carbine instead. If I remember right, the Evans is the most powerful, which is probably why you're killing them with only one shot. Also be super, super careful with where you hit them in DeadEye. Like Krayus said, you can aim for their rifle. Though with a less powerful gun like the Carbine, you can probably still hit them in the hand and you should be okay.

Good luck! :)