Trouble downloading game updates.

I've been having problems downloading game updates recently. It started a two nights ago when the Rare Replay patch came out (to add a new control scheme to Jet Force Gemini).  When I would go to get the update I would keep getting the message "There was a problem with the update." After many tries I eventually was able to get the update. Then last night I was having problems getting an update for Jetpac Refuelled. That also eventually (after many tries) downloaded. Today I had to make at least 10 or 11 attempts to download the most recent update for Killer Instinct to get it to work. Can anyone tell me what is going on here? (I really don't want to have to deal with this problem when the next dashboard update comes around.)

I am connected to the internet and XBL when I try to get these updates so my connection isn't the issue.

(I should also point out that I am in the preview program...just in case that is part of the problem.)


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