Anyone love it as much as I do. Paid dividends on Headquarters last night. Made grabbing objectives while having the sink thrown at me much easier. And I got a few kills with it as well. Seriously, equip it NOW!


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Just unlocked it last night, haven't used it yet but I'm hearing glorious things about it.


Probably try it out in Domination tonight.

^^I want it to have my children. Ive never complained about tubes as Ive always used them. But I was a lil worried what people would say now that they have more of that. But the Trophy system makes most of those arguments moot. But it only destroys 2 projectiles before its disabled, but that has been plenty in situations ive been in. Plus its awesome for search and destroy as I know and have felt the spawn tube points.

With Blast Shield and this bad boy in Dom I can forsee capping flags when running solo to be a lot easier.


Plus it kinds looks like a disco ball.

It does invoke the feeling that you wanna put on bellbottoms and shake a tailfeather. BE CAREFUL, i have died putting it down when someone launches something before I can back away. lol

What is the trophy system and how do you get it?

You unlock it at Level 45.  It's a piece of equipment that deflects incoming explosives like grenades, RPG's and explosive killtreaks like pred missiles.

Do you have to deploy it in a specific location, or do you wear it all of the time?

^^its a deployable, like a claymore but a lot bigger. I lol'd that a few people seemed to think it was a turret and ran away when they saw it. Its used in the slot for your tactical grenades.

It has definitely saved me a few times already and I have barely used it.

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You unlock it at Level 45.