Trophy System Bug??

So one game I decided to run Trophy System with Scavenger, eventually it got to the point where I wouldn't stop getting points?  Unless it was a delayed notifcation from constantly getting regaining Trophy Systems.


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I think I had that happen once on Domination.  I use Scavenger on pretty much every class, so I would have been using it there.  I threw out a whole bunch of them, but it seems like I got an awfully high score even for as many as I used.  I remember saying something to my brother in law about how many trophy defends I was getting, and he replied with "aren't they only supposed to shoot twice".  I said "I dunno, but they're kicking @ss right now."

I had the same thing happen to me. It was Domination on Meltdown. I threw a trophy system down on B at the start of the round and for the rest of that round it kept popping up with +25 for trophy system defend. This was my absolute very first time using trophy system and the challenge said I was at 91/100 projectiles destroyed. I don't think I actually got that many. Something must have happened that made it mess up. I have not been able to replicate this glitch though. I was not running scavenger though. I was running Ghost/Flak Jacket, Fast Hands, Tactical Mask (super good objective-based class)

Didn't happen to me but a buddy threw one down, he died and it stayed up.  He was able to toss 2 more down which got wiped away after stopping 2 projectiles but the 1st one stayed up and worked the whole match, even after many deaths.  DEFINITELY a glitch.  

I throw them down all the time and the glitch has never happened to me.  

Do you remember if you used a UAV?  Because I think that was combined with my trophy system being thrown down.