Trophies - do they save or not?

Say you grab a trophy(s) and then have a fight but end up dying/losing whatever, when you start back up again the trophies are back where they were! Does that mean every time you die you have to re-track your pevious path and re-collect all those trophies prior to becoming worm food?


If thats the case then i'm missing a helluva lot of trophies that i have spent a lot of time trying to acquire!!!


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I believe it auto saves as you pick up a trophy.

the save logo should appear onscreen.

When you have collected a Trophy it saves it, when you see it on screen you have it.


but if you get killed during collection then it wont

As the others have said, it's supposed to Autosave but I've had it glitch myself on occasion and needed to go back and redo challenges, etc.


Always double-check.

If you are in doubt of whether the game has saved or not,just enter a nearby building and the game will save.

It's meant to, but doesn't always in my experience, so after a few I was saving it manually or I entered a building to auto save.

Ok well maybe i should have asked whether they replenish themselves.... reason for asking is because i swear i have seen a trophy in a spot where i had already collected, yet there are others on roof tops that remain taken!?!