Trolling in One in the Chamber

Here are a few of my strategies, developed and perfected over the last year:
(Note: all trolling attempts are more successful if paired with troll of similar ability. Unless you're as good as me. In which case you will always succeed.)

  1. Kill everyone but 1 player, force them to miss their last shot, make them chase you for the remainder of the game.
  2. Kill everyone, force to miss shot etc., climb ladder and stay on it for the remainder of the game. If they are smart enough to know that they can bump you off by moving laterally underneath you, jump off and shoot them while you're in the air. If enrages them.
  3. If it is only you and your friend left, cover the radar with some article of clothing and play hide and seek.
  4. You and your friend left, leap frog from one end of the map to the other, then back. Usually when you start going back people will disconnect.
  5. If it is only you and a player that is no longer playing but remains in the game. Find him, run as far away as possible and crawl the entire way to him and knife him. Or run back and crawl all over again.
  6. If you are in 1st place with no deaths and you dislike the person in 3rd place (or second even), allow the remaining player to kill you to bump that player out of the money.
  7. If on Nuketown and surviving with your friend or an AFK player, lay down on the ground and stare at the population sign until everyone ragequits. They will know exactly what you're up to.
  8. If on Kowloon and with your friend or AFK player, continuous go down the zip line.
  9. (You will find little devices of annoyance on almost every map that you can exploit)
  10. If you are in the lead with the no. 2 player possible able to take 1st, get near an edge and when he gets close, jump off to your death. Do this until you are out of lives and games over.
  11. If with friend/afk, lay down on the ground and stare into a dead person's eyes as closely as you can. This will upset spectators and they will ragequit. You can also attempt to simulate necrophilia.

Now get out there and do God's work!


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Luckily I never play one in the chamber if I have a choice.

Basically, OP, you're saying that you're a griefer? You like to have fun even if it means annoying and/or ruining the game for others?

Nice OP..I think some of these are fun, especially in the ante up games, who really cares if you lose  in those's only 10 bucks...

Yup, if not in the money, everyone dashboards.

So...just be a douchebag?

But everyone quits whenever they run out of lives and are not in the money. No one will see these.

I do the run from the last person thing pretty often. It's so much fun haha. I had a couple 3-5 minute chases last night before I got off. I have a friend, sometimes 2, and we go into them together and hold down the same spot then we all move together in a huddle looking for the last person...... Then we just go for crazy killcams which more than often takes a few more minutes up. I jumped in the thing off the map on summit yesterday. The random just stood there for like 90 seconds before he made an attempt to jump then he fell to his death.

Why would you troll in the first place?