Tritton warhead 7.1 headset

I know these were anounced a while back , but i cant seem to find any info on their release date or how much they are likely to skin me.

Does anybody else have any info on the above (Ive looked al limexb360 and the tritton website) ,cheers in advance peeps


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I found "Tritton Warhead X360 7.1 Dolby Wireless Surround Headset" for 344$ at a Swedish website :)

Word for the wise, trittons are made by madcatz. If you're looking for a headset that will last you for a while, you should be weary of the brand.

Well they were bought up by MadCatz shortly after they released the AXPro headset. Actually Tritton made some pretty solid products and if MadCatz just owns them and the company is left mainly to its own devices these should be the best wireless headset for the 360 when it comes out. Price is more than I figured they would be though.


Gamestop has them set to sell on December 15th for $269.99

The build quality of the Tritton AXPros were not good.  Within the first month after I bought them the plastic pieces started coming apart.  The sound is great and they still work, but I have to be overly carefull with them.  I can abuse my Astros and they are still in better shape than the trittons.  If you get them just be very careful with them.

Yes, the tech in them is fine and works great. I don't know what it is about madcatz engineers, but they don't know how to make things durable. I myself had to go through 3 pairs of Trittons in 6 months and only had to replace my Turtle Beaches after a little over a year. Overall, headsets are very finicky devices and I recommend buying an extended manufacture's warranty no matter what brand you buy.