TriPeaks 13/02/14.

Help! Has anyone managed to solve the TriPeaks challenge today, 13/02/14? I've tried and tried but always get left with the 7C. It's driving me insane! Any help would be very gratefully received. Thank you.


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Me too, managed to remove the 7 only once but had 2 Jacks remaining on the far right. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

I think you're both talking about the last board.

Shyfiend49: For the middle peak, ignore the temptation to clear the K that leads to both A's, it's useful in the end where you can go A>K>A>K>A to be left with the 8 and the 7 which can be cleared with the next card.

UpbeatPanda42: Clear both the Jacks using the long combo from the first A that was given (A>K>Q>K>Q>J>10>J was the combo I used).  Then just go for the advice to Shyfriend49.

Hope that helps!

Gawd, yes I knew that something had to be left on the board to do it. I will try this. Thank you for your quick response; I'll get back to you with my results.

Ha ha ha, *happy laughter with tears* yes, that's the ticket. Thank you, thank you :)

Glad that helped!  It's always those little tricks that are required to finish these hard challenges.

Thank you so much! It was really bugging me. I can sleep happy now!

Thank you Blastabomb - I was going nuts trying to work out the sequence. It was that king leading to the two aces that was doing me in. Many thanks!