Tricky Merchants!

I see through your sales plots you tricky merchants. Telling me i look pale... Saying i might have Attaxia or Ringles. But do I have any negative effects in my Active effects? Nooo. I see through your marketing ploys Alchemist!

Basically, no matter what i do, drink potions, go to shrines, etc, the alchemist in Whiterun says I look pale EVERY time. I think she just wants my gold. Am I wrong?


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same here, and i thought the exact same thing lol.

Descendants of chiropractors

She's nuts don't worry about her. When I broke into her shop at night she's still talking like customers are there but she's sound asleep. It's pretty creepy.

Same thing happened to me Unyo. I broke in at night, she's sound asleep, and...talking. I was all "WTF? O.O" Also, becareful stealing from her. I did, and before I even left the shop, three Mercenaries came down the stairs and attacked me, and the contract, was from her.

The next time I seen her, I asked what she had to say for her self, and she replied, "You're pale, do you have attaxia?"

Speaking of weird things about stealing/pickpocketing- I steal a lot but so far I've never been caught(because of reloads) and I've never fenced anything or even joined the thieves guild. So how come random npc guards will make references to me being a thief or a lock picker? Seems a little lame considering how careful I've been.