Good at it? Hit me up.


Draq Recruiting.


Kids who can't trickshot and are going to post a dumb comment on this thread:  [MOD EDIT] off.


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I'm not a kid but I still can't trickshot. Do I still have to [MOD EDIT] off?

trickshotting is for  [MOD EDIT]

What if I can trickshot, yet still want to talk ish?  Do I still need to  [MOD EDIT] off?  How about you make me.[;)]

On topic:  This isn't the place for clan recruitment.

Dude, you honestly are the epitome of a wannabe.

Are you attempting to force me to  [MOD EDIT] off for you...? SEXUAL HARASSMENT

Quick-scoping? Fo' Sho' hit me up...














When you learn how to play the game correctly.

Trickshotting without protection is how accidents like you happen.

you mad you got nosked

[MOD EDIT] whats that?

ill do it just hmu