If anyone willing for trickshot on nuketown feel free to add me and message don't care have a mic and no mic play nice ok. :)


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Trick shot? You mean those tools who randomly jump off of things spinning around with snipers? Hoping they can get one lucky kill? Going something like 3-20 in TDM? Please tell me thats not what you're talking about....

That sounds about right, DJskillz.

seen ex-GF son do that with friends, private room on nuketown, one person stands in typical spawn or hide spot, while they jump off top of stairs 90 times to try and get a spin quick scope kill.  fun if your 13 I guess.........

I like how he asked if anyone wanted to play black ops 2, and people are just complaining. Who cares if it it's boring? Pretty sure he didnt request your opinion of trickshotting.

He didn't ask if anyone wanted to play, he asked if anyone was willing to trickshot with him. Personally, I feel there's a difference between playing a game and wasting hours trying to get that one awesomz 360 duhgree nuhscopz!

Trickshots with the Ballistic Knifes equal awesome.