Tribes is looking better and better!

Wow. I can't wait for the re-invent of this great IP. Here are some pictures they posted via facebook. The last picture they posted said that there will be a video coming out real soon!


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I'll be waiting for a gameplay vid before making any judgements. Easy to produce impressive photos, harder to live up to.

I hate to be THAT guy, but the concept art really reminded me of Halo, from the weapon design, (which looked a bit similar to the 3 burst rifle in Halo), to the one picture of the map, which reminded me of that one map in Halo with the 2 bases on either side and nothing but grass between them.

Is it a problem if it looks like halo? Did you play the original IP?

Tribes was simply the best FPS I.M.O. I still judge every game I play by what I could do in Tribes. Years ahead of it's time, and nothing has lived up to the depth of strategy in that game- not  to mention flying all over was freakin cool!! (So was cloaking, sneaking into the enemy base and taking out the generator whilst your teammates steal the flag with out interference from turrets :D )

The Spinfuser is coming back!!

Tribes 2 is for free (err forgot when it first went free) just to let y'all know.

The only Tribes experience I have is from Tribes: Aerial Assault on PS2. And I played it a lot. It was awesome.

Back then a friend and I almost got into a fist fight over which game was better between Tribes:AA and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs. I made and printed out a banner that said something like "Tribes is better than Socom" and hung it above my TV. Good times.

@Isaac no, its not a problem, I however never cared much for Halo.  always bored me to pieces when id play it online or off.  and im just pointing out that i think the concept art looks too much like a Halo clone, as if they tried drawing maps from Halo 2