hello creators of destiny, i love your game especially the multiplayer mode, trials of osiris. the only problem is that i was playing with two colleagues of mine, and during a game my internet suddenly went down. since i was in the middle of the game it counted as a loss, which is understandable but the problem is that i had bought mercy before this occurance, so when i had lost a game it would not count.  but when i got back on, i still had the mercy boon with me but i had a loss on my card????? i was hoping the card was stupid and was glitching out but sadly when i got 9 wins (and should have been flawless) i saw that i had 1 loss, because of the annoying glitch. now i know, my internet is kind of crappy, but could you please look into the problem, and for anyone else reading this forum tell me if you had taken upon this strggle with the glitchy trials as well!


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