Trevor's airstrip question

This airstrip has a helipad and a hangar.  I've noticed when you walk up to the helipad it gives you the option to select a helicopter other than the one it shows.  It appears that the airplane hangar does NOT offer the same option.

Can you store multiple planes in the hangar?  How many helicopters can you store on the helipad?


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I should make note that I had a small plane originally stored there and then stole a fighter jet.  I parked the fighter in the hangar thinking they would both be there and I'm not sure if that's the case.

I did the same as Willy.


I had the twin engine job in the hangar @ Sandy Shores. I drove to Los Santos Int, stole a small jet, flew it there, moved the previously mentioned plane out of the hangar, and parked the jet in there nose first. I then flew off to the crop duster place, which Trevor owns (no plane in the hangar there, I thought there was at one point? I parked the twin engine prop job from Sandy Shores in there. Drove back to Sandy Shores, the jet was now in the hangar there, nose out, but no option to select another plane.


I flew the Jet over the crop duster airfield, my twin engine plane had now vanished from that hangar. Is this that glitch that sometimes allows your stored vehicles to vanish?

Also, at Sandy Shores helipad, was the sky crane helicopter, on it's side buried halfway into the helipad, I could not enter it, but had the option to select the fancy painted helo that Trevor has there.


Admittedly I'm confused when it comes to storing aircraft, both Micheal and Franklin have purchased helipads in Vespucci, yet each of them have stolen numerous FIB Buzzards that don't save there, or anywhere else I could find..

EDIT.. all this was done as Trevor.