treasure maps!

can someone tell me how to use them? thanks!


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I've got the 4 you receive for your preorder but I've not used them. I really haven't had much time to devote to gaming this week but tonight, it's on!

i have the treasure maps as well, but when I went to it ,I couldn't dig it up at all...any ideas?

but when I went to one of the locations*

Be sure you have inventory space as when you use a map pack it places individual area maps into your inventory. These are like the Treasure  maps from Skyrim, shows a drawing of a location.

There might be a glitch causing you to be unable to dig up the treasure.  Maybe try clearing your cache, then again it might get fixed in a future patch. There are so many things that need a patch in this game.

go to collections, that will move them to inventory under containers or sompthin like that, then open them tere and that will put them in another cat at the bottom of inventory, maybe consumables, I cant remember but its convoluted

Yep. And it takes up a huge amount of space since each map counts as one item. That sucks. I put them all in the bank but in doing so I cannot reference them when I'm venturing here and there.

yeah, tonight I'm gonna focus on treasure maps...get those bloated things outta my inventory