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I found treasure map 4 while on an unrelated quest.  I took it and returned to my breezehome to save my game and drop off some things i had accumulated on my trek.  As soon as i was inside the little message in the upper left corner of the screen said that treasure map 4 was removed????   I looked and sure enough it was gone.  Why is this?  Do i have to start with them in order from 1 -11?  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance?


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Never had one dissappear on me before...I've got a rew of those maps stashed in chests my house...I did find the first one first...and actually manage to find the treasure for it too...but all other maps I've found have been in random order and none of them sure you didn't store it in a chest with the rest of your stuff or something?

Treasure maps do not come in order, thankfully you just find them randomly. I have enclosed a link to UESP of treasure map 4:

Simply change the "IV" to any of the 12 maps, make sure they are in roman numerals though.

Hope I Helped.

I had one vanish on my first play through.....I think it was #7.....had it for several "real" days and on entering a house I noticed it was "removed"....i figured there must've been a time limit to get it maybe?  

Doesn't matter now as it seems all the treasure maps are broken....2 separate playthroughs and none of them ever appear.....even after today's "patch"