Treasure map chests gone ?

Ok I have like 3 maps, I thought I found one of them at one point but there was no chest.So I go online to watch a video guide showing exactly where each one was.Well I went to these spots and no chest.Is anyone else having this problem ?


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B. On my other playthrough, I tried looking for the one outside of whiterun but it wasn't there. I'm wondering if you actually need to have the maps before they appear for some reason.

I thought that as well, but in this case I do have the maps and still, the chests are not there.I did some research after posting this and apparently this is common after 1.2.

LOL, I forgot about all those maps I have.  I did start and gave up looking, can you say "needle in a haystack"...LOL

Hmm, where are you guys getting the treasure maps?  I have yet to obtain one and I am lvl 43 give or take.  I have been missing these since not obtaining any since Oblivion.  I do really like them as they require true adventuring.

I have 3, perhaps more but I could be wrong.  I can't make heads or tails of where the heck the places are and can't even remember where I got them from (area/person).  They are pretty much useless to me.

I have seen three or four, but I can't say where I got them since I've long finished with my first character.


I know there's one in a small riverside hut near a waterfall that's been crushed by a very large fallen tree (on a dead guy under it, I believe). Next to the Abandoned Prison, according to the net, though I can't remember where that is :S

I've found the chests for the  two maps I've had so far, the loot is not all that impressive. When you get one the chest will be in the general area of where you obtained the map. Look on it for landmarks and then take a look around at your surroundings.

I have the same problem with the White Run treasure. I am at the exact shrubbery (NI!) where the chest should be, but the chest is just not there. Strange. Unlike Chillin, the other treasure map I obtained is not at all for an area near where I obtained the map.

LOLZ @ the Shrubbery comment.Yea its definitely broken.I am reading a lot of comments who say the same thing .Since 1.2 treasures are gone.