treasure in the villa

can anyone use this F'ing forum? I can only see about 3 posts for this game.


Anyway, I have every treasure chest in the Villa except the one by the front door on the map. It is not in Ezio's room in the attic or on the roof. Is there an underground spot there or does it open after i have all the feathers or something? 


A little help please.


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Thanks for nothing MS. I found it myself on a WORKING forum.

BTW I had to go down the well in the Villa

these dont go towards anything so no need to get them all

I just had one more in the villa and it was bothering me. I haven't bothered with it anywhere else.

Microsoft is not obligated to help you with anything gameplay-related. The purpose of these types of forums is for users to help each other out. With the forums recently being overhauled, as well as the game being relatively old, the number of people using this section of the forums will be few to none. There's no need to get angry though.

I'm angry that they fouled up something good for no reason. Sure they have the right to do it. It doesn't make it a good idea.

Yeah the villa was a challenge, especially the treasures in the towers where you need to rennovate to get them. I had more trouble finding the 8 statues.  Pluto was hard for me to find.

Go inside the Villa and go inside the room where Leonardo de Vinci moves to at the end of the game, Claudi is placed and the arcitcect is standing in. Talk to the architecht and choose to renovate the well. Then go outside of the Villa and go to the right hand side of it and jump down the well then make your way across a small chasm to find two treasure chests and remove that final Treasure marker on your map.