Transmute Spell

Well, I have to say what an awesome spell this is. It basically transforms your iron ore to Gold/Silver ore. Found it in a cave


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Yep, Found it too.  Not much use at lvl15 as I really need the iron to level smithing but I can see it later becoming very useful.

Oh, that spell is in the game? I unlocked all spells in the console just to see what there was (didn't keep the save) and when I saw that I assumed it was cut...just like the wereskeever. Damn Bethesda not letting me play as a rat.

Anyone know if you get to use the shovel and hammer for any jobs like the pick axe? I want to use that shovel badly.

Nice! Can you remember what cave it was and where in the cave you found it?

Does anyone know if there is a method to transmute soul gems?

Extremely useful. One thing you gotta remember is to bring your pick ax when ever you go in a dungeon. I have been doing alot of the Micelleous quest and have come acroos alot of iron ore( which is now gold/silver ore). I also buy ore every time I see it.

So all you low levels players out there.. Save your ore.

Cant remember which cave. It was some micelleous quest tho. Might have been a bounty quest.. not sure.

you can also but the spell. that's what i did. i think i found it from the mage in the whiterun