Transfering saves from 2 accounts question

I'm currently away from my xbox and theres this game I really want to play. I have access to a friend's xbox with no internet.

Would I be able to play this game under his profile and then transfer the save data to my account later on with a memory card?

Also, Would I get to keep any of the achievements I earned? Thanks a lot!


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Yes, you can play a game under your friend's profile and then transfer the data to your account using a storage device.

Sadly, no, you won't be able to keep the achievements you have earned on your friend's account. BUT, and this is important, you will not be able to unlock achievements on that transferred save file since the file's owner has changed.

No, save files are allocated to each individual profile. Any achievements you earn would be on his GT and not transferable to yours.

aww no achievements, oh well at least I can keep my saves. Thanks for the info guys!

Well yes you can keep the saves, but you will n ot be able to access them without your friends profile.

You can use a USB flash drive, move your gamertag onto it and then play any games you want on your friend's Xbox.

Then once you've finished, you will be able to move back your gamertag and your games saves from the flash drive to the Xbox. Any achevements you unlock will be yours.