Transfering Licence of Lego SW3 from old console to new console - lost the game, and found solution?

Hi everyone, this is just some feedback that I hope helps someone else that has the same problem..

SO long story short, I bought a 320g HD for my new slim 360, which included a free download of the complete game Lego SW3 via a redeemable code. I went home and transferred everything across, and everything was fine, except it did say "1 item not transferred" or something similar I forget the exact wording, and with no option to investigate what that was or how to transfer that item, I went ahead and decided I would deal with that file when and if needed (lazy). Whether or not that file was the game Lego SW3, I don't actually know.

Fast forward about 6 months to now.

I decided that I'd go play SW3, only to realize that the game is not in my xbox library. I search and I search.. even looking in the storage tab and achievement list... the game save is there.. the achievements are there too, so i didn't imagine that I had it.. then strangely, looking in my download history, there is no trace of me every having downloaded it.

Here comes the lucky part; because I'm one of those people that keeps all packaging and receipts long after they're really needed, I went and found the HD box, and still inside was the redeem code. I went to redeem code and punched it in and to my mild surprise, it came up "download again" which to me clearly indicated I had already redeemed this code, and away I went and as I'm typing this, the download is passing 89%.

I contacted Xbox support before I posted this and before i re-entered the code, and much to my surprise the phone support told me there was no record of the download and therefore they cannot help me. If it was simply a license transfer that would have been easy, but as there was nothing in the download history, there was no way to prove I owned the game, which would have been difficult as the receipt states "360 HD", not "360 HD with a bonus free SW3 code to redeem"

Has anyone else has had this happen?


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