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Hey i just received a new Xbox 360 for Christmas, and i would love to transfer my Dark souls game file from my brothers 360 to my new one. I have my own Xbox live account so i know how to transfer all of my achievements from one to the other. I was told that Dark Souls is the type of game where you cannot transfer the files from one Xbox to another...?

Please help. 



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Well, you can't transfer from gamertag to gamertag, if thats what you want to do.


A easy way to transfer files for any game is to transfer the data from the hard drive on Xbox 360 A to the cloud, as your cloud saves are just stored on the internet. Then, on Xbox 360 B you simply retrieve your gamertag and then transfer the data from you cloud to Xbox 360 B's hard drive. Then play!

I guess i will have to start saving the game files to the cloud instead of the hard drive on the Xbox. Its a shame is that i can't transfer due to my one character being level 77.

Anyways thanks.

You can transfer, I've done it before. You go into system settings, memory, and transfer from the hard drive to the cloud. You don't have to start over.