Traitors Keep worth it?

I apologize if this question has already been asked but is the Traitors Keep DLC worth 560pts? I've been reading reviews and all, but it doesn't really convince me to get it, so I thought why not ask the people of If anyone can please give me their opinion on the DLC (length, story plot and price). I've also been wondering if you think Traitors Keep will ever be on sale and if i should wait for it to drop in price or buy it now. Thank you very much.

[Fable 3 is actually quite an enjoyable game so I don't understand the people saying it's a bad game?]


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You know what man, these days i don't go by reviews a lot because for some reason people are looking for a game to be pure gold and stuff like that and for the DLC to be out of this world it makes me sick. If you like the game and want to continue questing after you beat it get the DLC. I know i am once i beat it again. You get..i believe a couple outfits and a potion for you dog to turn him into a clockwork dog sort of like a robot type thing.  

As for drop price i don't think so it is already at a pretty low price, i wish all things on the Market Place were at that price. hey it is better then paying 800pts for stuff am i right.

Also if you don't mind spoiler you could watch some of it on youtube and if you like what you see get.

Hope this helped.

yeah traitor's keep is great you get 3 new regions, 3 new outfits, and it continues the story

In my opinion I found Traitor's Keep to be rather enjoyable. But that is all it is, my opinion, you can't determine from peoples reviews if you will like it or not. I've seen bad reviews about Fable 2 and Fable 3, and I will admit they were not as great as Fable: TLC, but in my opinion those reviews were wrong. I found both games to be enjoyable.


I will say this though: Unless it has been fixed in the last week or two there is a problem with the achievements in Traitor's Keep. There are some achievements that require you to collect things, Diary Of A Sad Man, Lab Notes, and A Revolutionary Idea, they require you to get everything in one shot without turning off your console or getting off of that Fable 3 save.


What I mean is say your doing Diary Of A Sad Man. If you get three books and decide to take a break and play another game or get off that achievement will then glitch making it impossible to complete. When you get your final two books it'll say you have [2/5] of the required object.

Traitors Keep is worth playing BUT be careful.

If you have not finished the main story then you have to do that first PLUS

IF you have not opened the firsy demon door in the main game, then keep it that way. The Demon Door achievement is glitched as it loses count. This is because the Traitors Keep demon door always becomes 1 of 7. Any you have opened previously are "forgotten" and you will have to play the game through again if you have opened any others. Ensure the Traitors Keep demon door is the first you open, then do the main game doors and you should be fine (NB - I have not done this myself as I have the glitch and cant be bothered to play through the game again.

There are also 2 Easter Eggs to find. One is in the Ravenscar Keep and the other in Millfields. These open a door I believe in one of the Traitors Keep areas. To open the Millfields door you have to do things to 3 statues but you have to do these at a certain time of the day. I am not sure if it is the TK DLC or something else. but the game loses track of the correct time, and so one or more of the statues may not be doable.

I have seen online someone say that if you have married *** within the game 3 times this glitch is fixed. I did try this. The game initially appeared to fix itself but then when I went back to the 3rd statue it was the wrong time, so I decided to sleep and then the problem was back again. At this point I gave up, at least for now.

Also, regarding Twinke Fan's comment above, this was one problem I did not have. If we were stuck we just went into the menu and saved manually (my brother in law and I were playing as visible orbs online, and it was fine. Did not have to do things in one play, but it did take us a session and a half to figure this out)

So, if you are a completionist, especially with Cheevos, then I would say it is worth playing Traitors Keep, but be wary of its limitations.

If you just want to play the game for fun, ,then it is definitely worth it, IMHO.

PS - Twinke - No offence meant, just not had that prob myself. !!

Thank you everybody for the help. I finally bought the DLC....less than week before it went on sale to 200 points. Ugh. Lucky for me I did not encounter any glitches, as I completed the DLC slowly and carefully. @Smegsta, I was not aware of those Easter Eggs. Must check them out. Thanks.

Picked this up this morning on sale, haven't gotten around to trying it yet though.. I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

i liked traitors keep :)