Traitor's Keep DLC

I noticed there are more find item achievements with the new DLC. If you complete the storyline of the DLC, will you be able to travel back and free roam looking for the rest of the items? Or are there some places unreachable after a certain point is completed? Just curious.


Also heard of glitches, 1 in particular that resets the counter to 0, making it impossible to complete find item achievements since you already have those items. Was this glitch fixed? Or if not, do they know about it and plan to look into it?


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no with the downloads you can go back anywhere and everywhere, idk about the glitches though

I don't know about the glitches but yes you can go back to the places again. In fact they some certain side quests you do that take you back to two of the places you can go.

I noticed that I missed 2 diaries last night and went back to get them.  I thought I'd have to re-fight the robot guys/dogs/bugs again but I didn't.