Traitors Keep DLC?

Why can I not access it? Its on my hard drive, although I never purchased it so i don't know how it's there. If anyone knows what this please help, thank you.


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I think you have to beat the game first....have you on that game save you're playing with?

Yes, I've beaten the game. There is a start point with the butler in the castle treasury, but it says I have to purchase the DLC.

It could be the free compatibility pack? That way you can play with people who did pay for it.

I don't think they did that, and if they did it's not in my download history. The only thing I can think of is maybe I got an extra reward for being in the update beta, I'm not sure though.

This is downloaded on one of your updates. When you buy the DLC you are only buying the key to unlock it.

Ok finally I know, thank you.

you have to purchase it in order to actually play it. It auto downloads. You just buy the key.

Its in the soldier outfit DLC.

Still, you need to purchase the key.

Of the two DLC packs, I'd recommend you at least get this one.