Training the Blacksmith

I have been stuck on level 4. Cannot get that last bar.

What am I missing?

I have him crafting me some awesome stuff...just can't get him to level. Need tomes - pages?


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You must still be on NORMAL mode.

In order to level up further, you must get to Nightmare mode.

In nightmare mode, the pages that you need to upgrade the blacksmith and jewel further, randomly drops in nightmare mode. They drop VERY often, about as much as white weapons.

Yes, still on normal.

Thanks for the info!

Yes, once you get the pages and use those to train your blacksmith, it's going to get to the point where you will need blacksmith tomes to further upgrade your blacksmith level.

These tomes are books, instead of pages.

By the time you get to the level where you need the tomes to increase his level further, look in the armor part of the blacksmith crafting, you'll notice in the items, that you can actually craft the tomes yourself. Blacksmith and jewel tomes.

It takes ten pages to craft one tome.

the last two blacksmith levels, 9 and 10 requires secret tomes. at blacksmith level 8, you can actually craft the secret tomes.

to craft a secret tome, you need 5 blacksmith tomes and 5 jewel crafting tomes. That's 50 blacksmith pages and 50 jewel pages to create ONE secret tome.

Just last night, I got my blacksmith up to level ten, after about 20+ hours of grinding for those pages. And this mourning, I got my jewel to level ten. Now I can create those star gems, which are the best gems.

Thanks for that info, I just completed the game on normal and was wondering the same thing.

You can actually get pages from the pony level on normal. I got about 4 going through it before completing normal mode. Even got a couple jewel crafting pages.

better on easy, just fly thru ponies. I have noticed that act 3 nightmare heart of sin easy is awesome for xp, pages, and gems. radiant gems at that.

One more quick question:

Do the components we get, from salvaging on normal get used in the next level....or is it only for this one?

Just wondering if it's worth it to keep going. I have a ton jars & teeth.

the item level of the gear you salvage determines what crafting materials you will get. Not the mode itself.(normal, nightmare, ect)

Salvaging the gear you find in normal mode will only be good for crafting gear thats around the same level of gear you would find in normal mode. Level 1-30 or so.

In nightmare, the gear that drops are higher level, so the crafting items you get from salvaging the gear in nightmare mode will be higher quality crafting items, which aren't the same crafting items you get from crafting normal mode gear.

So you are correct, those crafting items you have now in normal wouldn't amount to anything for crafting gear to use in nightmare. BUT, you can craft the higher quality crafting materials using the lower quality crafting items.

So in order to train the blacksmith above level 4, you need to switch to nightmare?  Can you do that mid-game and continue on with the story mode?  That'd be awesome considering I was just complaining how easy the game has gotten recently...

No, Nightmare is a MODE/PLAYTHROUGH, not a difficulty.

It's similar to borderlands and Borderlands 2's vault hunter/ true vault hunter/ ultimate vault hunter modes.

As you level up, you you will only get so far in levels as you reach the end of that normal play through. Which is around30-35.

Once you beat the normal mode around level 30 or so, then you can unlock and run through the entire play through again in the nightmare mode. Which will level you up from 30 to level 50 by the time you reach the end of nightmare mode. Then you start the HELL mode at level 50 and you will be level 60 by the time you reach the end of HELL mode.

Each play through makes the enemies harder, and i'm not talking about just enemies doing more damage and having more health. You see certain new enemies, you see more enemies in bigger groups, and the enemies have more powers and some even have powers you've never seen before. But you also get better and better gear as you go up in playthroughs.

The last play through..........

INFERNO.............that's a WHOLE different ball game. You have to be at max level(level 60) to play this mode. This mode is for those that still want to play the game and crave a challenge after reaching max level. This mode is for those hardcore diablo players who want to put their skills to the test. This is the end game content here. You will NOT just simply run through inferno mode like the other difficulties. The enemies in this mode stay above your level, so they are always a challenge.

It's SUPER difficult. You need THEE best gear you can get your hands on, and you need to have a good build with skills and gear that has synergy.

It's get so hard to the point that if your not prepared, you can die from ONE HIT.

What makes it super hard is the elite and champions(the blue and yellow glowing enemies). They have 4 powers in inferno. With them having power combinations that have synergy, like jailer/arcane torrent/freeze/desecrator your going to be in a WORLD of trouble as those powers will do a crap ton of damage if you get hit by them, and with powers that traps you and allow you to get hit. It's damn near suicide. DOing stuff like jail or freeze you, and then put a desecrator underneath you while a torrent is coming around to hit you and you can't do a damn thing about it but just take it and die.

I played it on the PC with my Monk, and I've NEVER beaten inferno, I've gotten to Act III and hit a brick wall, it was just so hard to the point where it wasn't even fun no more and the armor repairs from dieing so much was running me dry. Repairing level 60 armor is VERY, VERY expensive, we're talking hundreds of thousands of gold............each time.

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