*What i want.
Sandhawk, Slag and shock.
Bonus Bunny
Thrusting Unkempt Harold
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
Legendary classmod for Gunzerker
Bonny Grenade mods <3

*What i have.
Peppy Gunerang
Unending Infinity
Loaded Hornet
Rapider Gub
Straight Shootin' Maggie

*All kinds Conference call's.*
Sledge's Shotgun
Basic Deliverance

Brisk Baby Maker
Social B*tch
Flying Emperor
Consummate Hellfire

Moscovite's Mongol
Quik Drawler Badaboom
Pertinent Pyrophobia

Rigorous KerBLaster
Wild Hammer Buster
Akurate Madhous!

Sublime Volcano
Klook Skullmasher
--White Death

The Bee
Black Hole
The Sham
Hide Of Terramorphous
The Cradle

Legendary Siren
Legendary Hunter
Legendary Soldier

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i have a legendary classmod for the gunzerker if you want me to dupe i can do that

That would be great! = )

I have everything u want, just send me a message whenever your on later today.

i will be on the whole day, you don't want anything from me?

it's pretty much stuff i'm asking for here. :p

I have the Norfleet and the Slagga and I'm looking for the B*tch and the Badaboom. Wanna trade?