Trading items for diablo 360

I currently have the following items for trade:

Jewelcrafting tomes:

Flawless Star Emerald

Flawless Star Ruby

Flawless Star Topaz

Marquise Amethyst

Marquise Emerald

Perfect Star Amethyst

Perfect Star Emerald

Perfect Star Ruby

Radiant Star Emerald

Radiant Star Amethyst

Radiant Star Ruby

Radiant Star Topaz

Blacksmithing Tomes:

Amulet of Dexterity

Amulet of Intelligence

Amulet of Strength

Amulet of Vitality

Archon Gauntlets of Dexterity

Archon Gauntlets of Strength

Archon Spaulders of Dexterity

Archon Spaulders of Intelligence

Archon Spaulgers of Strength

Exhalted Behemoth

Exhalted Crag Hammer

Exhalted Dread Shield

Exhalted Fine Armplates

Exhalted Fine Crag Hammer

Exhalted Fine Dread Shield

Exhalted Fine Galraki

Exhalted Fine Golden Talon

Exhalted Fine Impellor

Exhalted Fine Mythical Staff

Exhalted Fine Sagaris

Exhalted Fine Slag Hammer

Exhalted Fine Sovereign Greaves

Exhalted Fine Sovereign Helm

Exhalted Fine Sovereign Tassets

Exhalted Flesh Ripper

Exhalted Galraki

Exhalted Grand Archamge HeadPiece

Exhalted Grand Dread Shield

Exhalted Grand Ghost Sight

Exhalted Grand Golden Talon

Exhalted Grand Heavy Baldric

Exhalted Grand Impellor

Exhalted Grand Oni Blades

Exhalted Grand Orbit Stones

Exhalted Grand Phantom Bow

Exhalted Grand Piercer

Exhalted Grand Sagaris

Exhalted Grand Sovereign Tassets

Exhalted Grand Stalker Cape

Exhalted Massacre Axe

Exhalted Mythical Staff

Exhalted Oni Blade

Exhalted Orbit Stones

Exhalted Pallium

Exhalted Sagaris

Exhalted Slag Hammer

Exhalted Sovereign Helm

Exhalted Sovereign Mail

Exhalted Strike Wand

Razorspikes of Dexterity

Razorspikes of Intelligence

Razorspikes of Strength

Asheara's Uniform

Born's Defiance

Demon Hand

Harvest Moon

Lost Boys

Quick Draw Belt

Sage's Plight

Set Items:

Blackthorne's Jousting Mail

Blackthorne's Spurs

Blackthorne's Surcoat

Bul-Kathos Solemn Vow

Immortal King's Boulder Breaker

Immortal King's Tribal Binding

Immortal King's Triumph

Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare

The Compass Rose

The Traveler's Pledge

I'm looking for anything good especially

Flawless Star Amethyst

Perfect Star Topaz

Marquise Topaz

Marquise Ruby


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Add me ill get that stuff 4 u

which items are you wanting?

I want tal rashas unwavering glare i got mar topaz right now

bump that let me get im boulder breaker


New plans for trade

  Umbral Oath

  Perfect Star Topaz

  Exhalted Fine Massacre Axe

  Exhalted Fine Sovereign Mail

  Exhalted Fine Sovereign Vambraces

  Exhalted Fine Strike Wand

  Exhalted Golden Talon

  Exhalted Grand Flesh Ripper

  Exhalted Grand Galraki

  Exhalted Grand Sovereign Greaves

  Exhalted Grand Sovereign Mail

  Exhalted Zhezi

I still need the plans for flawless star amethyst

im interested in trading you for the immortal kings boulder break. hydrashok13 gamertag

I'm looking for a puzzle ring that summons a goblin when u get hit by someone

If u can help feel free to add me

Hey, I've got a puzzle ring, but it calls a goblin that follows me around and picks up common drops, it doesn't summon one when I get hit. Is there more than one puzzle ring?