Trading for lvl 72 Conference Call; OP level doesn't matter

I have been trying to farm the Conference Call for a week and no luck; That's why I decided to try the forums.  I am looking for a level 72 Conference Call; any OP level is fine with me.  I am currently at OP5.

Here is the legendaries I have and am willing to trade:

lvl 72 Gromky Patriot (seraph sniper)

OP4 Patrol Bearcat (pearlescent **** rifle)

lvl 72, OP5 Quality Baby Maker (legendary smg)

lvl 72, OP5 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold (legendary pistol)

lvl 72 Terramorphous Class mod for Commando

lvl 72 Legendary Roboteer class mod for Mechromancer

lvl 72 longbow bouncing bonny (grenade)

OP5 Big Boom Blaster (shield)

OP5 Bee Shield (shield)

OP4 Transformer Shield (shield)

I am sorry I may not have much to offer back, but this is what I have to offer. If anyone is interested in a trade for the conference call, please message me back on the forums.  Thank you. 


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hey man i can give u the conference calls no problem. just msg my gamertag about the guns...peace

I think I have 3 different kinds of the conference call… msg me back if you're still interested

I've got the Bee, conference call, and Harold. All OP 8 I'm willing to dupe them not give them away for free though sorry if that's what you were looking for