If you can give me Bloodcraver and/or Dragonstomper, I can give you any of the following:


Dragonbone Hammer

The Swinging Sword

Scythe's Warhammer

Hammer of Wilmageddon


Really Sharp Pair of Scissors

Simmons's Shotgun

Briar's Blaster

Beadle's Cutlass

Avo's Lamentaion


The Love Sword


Holy Vengence


Lunarium Pounder

Defender of the Faith

The Casanova

Mirian's Mutilator

Mallett's Mallet

Desert Fury

Mr. Stabby

Ol' Malice


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could use a chickens bane or 2 got more than 1

runscape is my home i just visit here

I can trade you chickenbane for bloodcraver

i have the dragon stomper un upgraded wanna trade it for long hair ?

I already got that one.  I can give you long hair for bloodcraver. msg me on XBL

where are all these weapons ? i have like six different weapons and four of the spell gauntlets. i am already at the coronation and one of my friends told me the game is almost over from there.  wtf ?

do you get them all from sidequests ?