Trade without being spammed........

I've seen posts of people trading weapons, items, and clothing, but how do you know if the person you are trading with isn't spamming you?

I have tried to trade with people but all I hear them say is " you give me the item first and then i'll give you what you need." Or something close to that.

Help please?


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It is more a matter of people not trusting that you will follow thru on what you say you will do.  People as a whole are just not as trusting as they used to be.  For some people, knowing you have completed your end of the bargain is enough for them to be willing to move on to their end.  If multiple pieces are involved, I would suggest each person giving part of what was followed followed by the other, and so on, until all pieces has changed hands.

Just like DMIL421 said, people find it hard to trust others, specially over live when trading "valuable needed Game Items" if it goes the wrong way what can you do? all that hard work and time put in can leaves a sour taste if it goes wrong.


I find that you can easily meet a genuine gamer on these forums that would be willing to help you out not only on here but other games too.Ive made some really great friendships with other gamers ive found to help me out or other common interests, One such gamer i met by chance i would consider to be one of my closest mates.


Anywhoo, of your looking for anything you are more than welcome to send me a message or add me if you wish, if i have the game/dlc ill help :)

yeah it all has to do with ppl not sure if they can trust others. But I have yet to run into any scammers on xboxlive trading. :)