Trade-In old games, then Pre-Order from BestBuy, get 65% extra trade-in value

Best Buy is offering the following deals:


Promotions available in stores only

Trade 2, Get 25% More
Trade in 2 games or more and get 25% extra trade-in credit. Offer expires 08/27/2011

40% Bonus with any Pre-order
Get a 40% extra trade-in credit when you pre-order any game. Offer expires 10/01/2011

Here's the link : (click on "Show promotions available in stores only" on top right hand corner.)

I'm trading in some games that I will never play again. Bayonetta, COD:WAW, MOH, SSFIV, MTV vs. ATV Reflex, AC1 & AC2, Darksiders. This came out to $64.35 after including the in-store promotions. That will get me my copy of Battlefield 3 with change left over. :)

Just thought I would let you guys know. Take note of the expiration date on the above promotions. btw- im not some BB rep. I'm just trying to be helpful.

ps- On the link above you can also find out how much BB will offer you for each individual game. I will pre-order in a couple weeks (yeah i know, cutting it close) and will let you guys know how this works.


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That sounds like a good deal. I might have to hit that up because I have about 6 or 7 games I plan on trading in because they don't really sell on ebay so what the heck lol

yeah man i think it's a great deal. i was gonna shell out $60 outta pocket for BF3 but then i figured i might as well get rid of some of these other games collecting dust on my shelf. i go to BB's website, next thing i know i find out that they're offering these too promotions, i was completely sold. :)

btw i'm preordering the 25th or 26th.

That's a REALLY good deal. I would jump on that deal if I didn't already have BF3 paid off.

I believe you can cancel preorders for a full refund. I could be mistaken though because I've never actually done that.

Nice thread op,to bad i already had my game paid off. Sounds like a pretty good deal.