Trade. I need 2 titanite slabs.

Im level 141 and looking for 2 titanite slabs. Send me a msg if you want to trade I have almost every item except titanite slab. I'll trade souls, weapons, anything. My GT is= LBJ TAKENFLIGHT.


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If worse comes to worse, you can farm them in New Londo. I got 2 down there, but it took about 3 hours of farming with a high dicovery rate.


There are about 6 or 7 Darkwraiths in a close area of one another. Kill them and then use your Homeward miracle back to the bonfire at Firelink Shrine. Rinse and repeat.


i already gave him mine he will be good on slabs for a while

^^ That was nice of ya.


im a nice guy plus the character i had them on was a pvp character where i really didnt need them