tracking Mr.freeze's location now what!!!!!!

as the title says above....ok so im at the GCPD and im using the electric gun to try and open the door and for whatever reason it just will not open....well in the middle of doing this i started answering the phone and tracking Z but after mid way threw the phone stopped ringing and i have been all over the map 30times looking for clues...ive beat down all the prisoners and listen to what they had to say still nothing...almost 4 hours doing this and cant find anything SOME1 help please!!!!!!!!!!!!


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it may sound daft but are you pressing RT to open the door and not RB?

yup pressed both

I can`t quite remember but i think you have to enter the police station by the back door to get at freeze.

go to rear of the building and there should be water with a couple of platforms that you can drop onto.

you should be able to grapple up to a back door.

No, you exit out the back after you battle him. To get in you have to slide under the gap of  the roll up door where all the goons are trying to break in at. RB, run, slide and you're in. It took me an hour to beat those dudes.

your probably right i can`t remember.

if spud is right you need to do the sliding move to get under the door,run and press RT.

Spud is right, you need to run up to that door after slightly opening it, then hit RT to slide underneath

i got it thanks every1!!!