toys r us will have it for $44.99...

and frys will have it for $50. probably gonna check this out, it was really off my radar since im not a pc gamer, but watched a review...and wow.



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I will have to keep an eye on this too.   I was planing to rent it but if I have to purchase this game, I will check Toys R us first.

its only for this week, they actually didnt have any yet, so i went to bestbuy and got it price matched

I havent decided if this is a purchase yet but I only have about 3 hours into the rental.  I should know by this weekend.

Thanks for posting this...I ordered it on Amazon and used a $10 coupon to bring my price down to $49.  I cancelled that and picked it up at Fry's yesterday for the same price, no wait, and I get to use my coupon on something else. :)

Yea i can say i dont ever plan on buying anything at all from gamestop anymore....a preordered this game and payed the 64 total for it. Only other game I got in the past was bf3...Although I am enjoying it, who does not wanna save money on these games. I saw that frys had it for 49 bucks new like 4 days after I paid it off before release date. Best buy or frys for now on for me.

a word to the wise....check out check that site like everyday even if im not in the market for a new game. if you click on the deals tab youd be amazed at some of the deals you would find. alot of the times they have weekly ads as early as a week in advance along with other deals posters find.