Tower of Babble wont unlock?

We read/watched numerous guides and did them exactly like they said, yet no achievement? Has this achievement been known to be buggy? Pretty frustrating after spending an hour and a half then it doesn't work.

Only thing that happened was that one of the turbines that was under the pylon while we were killing the electric zombie got destroyed, but I've read that this doesn't matter.

After we killed the electric zombie, he flew up into the power lines and Maxis said something about good job and redistributing power to previous locations, couldn't really hear him. Two of us stayed and put turbines under the pylon(also read this isn't necessary) while the other two put the turbines under the correct lamps at the diner and bust station.

No achievement.

I'm thinking it's bugged because after awhile (i was under the pylon) maxis said something about needing more power, in portable or living form. We picked up our turbines under the pylon and placed them down again and Maxis talked about redistributing the power once more but it still didn't work... I've looked all over the internet but can't find out whats going on, we did everything right.

Can anyone give me any tips? The only thing we can think of is that something is wrong with placement of the turbines. 

EDIT: Also the difficulty was on original and no one playing already had the achievement


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i havent got this achievment yet but id like to lol zombies are diffucult for me. ive saw a video on youtube but the guys with the turbines at the bus station and diner need to throw eps at the turbins at the same time i dont have the achievment so it could be wrong just telling you what i watch good luck it is a long grind =(

Did you do this in a private match?

yea in a custom game

If you messed with any of the settings or if people joined/backed out during the game, it will void any and all chances at getting the achievement. Try it in a public match because if you have a party of 4 there is absolutely no need for custom game. If it doesn't work there then you're doing something wrong because I've google searched for other people not unlocking the achievement and no one is having this problem.

we didn't mess with any settings, the difficulty was on original and nobody left or joined. We're seriously doing everything by the book like the guides say and aren't getting it

I'm guessing it's glitched because Maxis kept repeating things at random times

I think it's supposed to be public match.

Not true, I did both sides of the Tower of Babel in custom game. I did Richtofen's side for High Maintenance in a pub match though, so maybe they made it to where it must be done in a pub match?

if anyone needs another person to try the EE feel free to shoot me an invite/FR

i don't have the achievment  but i have tried it before but my turbine broke aswell and it did not give me the achievment so you should redo it and try and keep all your turbines and you might get it.