Tower of Babble Team

Looking for Tower of Babble Easter Egg Team!

The Tower of Babble easter egg achievement seems okay to go for but I've been having a set back lately. I NEED A TEAM OF 4! I've tried with 2 people with Richtofen way but never popped. I am planning on going for the easier route of the Richtofen way - get the gun, fire it, kill zombies, then emp 4 lamp posts at the same time. With the power OFF.

  • Need a mic - age 13 and up. 
  • Determined and serious about it.
  • Have money in the bank for hitting box for EMP (I plan on leaving VERY early - level 1 preferably) 
  • Not already have the achievement, Tower of Babble 75G
  • Have a decent skill in zombies (don't have to be super star - 2 bones and above preferred)

If you meet the standards please message me. I am planning on doing it tonight (January 27) but anytime till the 31st is good. 

I have 1 guy right now (Jensentheloser1) and looking for 2 more. Message up!


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Well that would be your problem. The power needs to be on for Richtofen.