Tower of Babble - Maxis side did not work?

So four of us did the easter egg exactly the same way as we've seen in multiple walk throughs but the achievement did not unlock at the end. Any help would be very much appreciated. Has anyone else had difficulties getting this?

Here are the steps we took

We were also only on round 3 when we completed it, so I don't know if that is the problem.

-all get turbines
-get emp grenades (used stored points)
-turn on power
-electric man comes
-turn off power 
-go to tower
-big electric storm comes(all over the sky)
-kill last zombie of the round 
-electric man shows up
-put turbines on the ground under pylon
-electric man comes under pylon and gets killed with emp grenade, he flies up
-Maxis says good, we need more power
-we all placed the turbines at the same time
-under the pylon, they were placed at opposite corners (diagonally)
-one was placed at the diner under the correct lamp post by the truck and shed
-last turbine was placed in the mists under the lamp post shown in tutorials and videos

the achievement didn't pop up for any of us 


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Bump for help

Same happened to me,I stopped trying.

I did mine a while ago but all that sounds exactly right, not sure why you didn't get it. I used the bus depot and diner lights but it doesn't matter which ones you use. Although me and my friends put our turbines right next to the nav card table, but I'm pretty sure as long as it's under the pylon you should be fine.

Did you wait till maxis says kill him now. That was the main thing that kept messing me up cause people would kill him too soon.

I didn't hear maxis at all. The host said she heard him talking after we killed avagrado saying something about the power though. She only heard him after we we built the turbine, and after we got the kill. Do the voices really matter? Because when we turned on the power we didn't hear maxis or Richthofen

If someone you were playing with did the EE already, you can't do it again. But yes, the voices certainly do matter. You must hear them to move on to the next step. Wait for Maxis to say to turn off the power, then turn it off. Wait for Maxis to say to kill the Avagadro, then kill it. Then place all the turbines down.

No one had the achievement but thanks.

also , how long should it take, because we've waited awhile before and didn't get maxis to talk