Tournaments no closing window :(

On top of the many downfalls of FUT13 compared to FUT 12, the fact that they don't tell you when a tournament is ending is bullish*t..they give you a little ONE HOUR HEADS UP when searching for a game in a tourney that is about to close, but any1 with a brain knows that's not enough time..I have come back next day of thinking I had a semi-final match and then logged in and the tournament has closed..just yesterday I had a semi final match in the "Best of the Best" tourney..I search for a game, get the hour notice, freak out, win my match in the 90th minute, mash the a button to search for the next match and I get a little message that says something along the lines of "The tournament has closed, the key to winning tournaments is winning them quickly"...what the *** is that..*** YOU EA..if the OBVIOUS FLAWS of FUT 13 aren't fixed in 14 I am going to *** raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage

but I will still play the game because I am addicted to's like a drug dealer cutting their product, they know the addicts(FUT heads in my case) will still use their product regardless of the downgrade of quality because they are already hooked and there is a lack of competition for my business 


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