Tournament Edition Fightstick question

Do the tournament edition fightsticks come with low end sanwa joysticks? I have seen peopple say they need to upgrade their joystick on a new torunament edition fightstick. Do they come with lower end sanwa joysticks or are they upgradeing it for no good reason? If I got a tournament edition fightstick do I only need to upgrade the square restrictor gate to an octogonal one or do I need to upgrade the joystick and buttons also?

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On the Standard Edition, maybe, but certainly not on the Tournament Edition.

I have a question here, i will be using the standard regular xbox 360 controller and i have a question about the combos and stuff for MvC3, like for example i am looking at a move set for Dante and it shows: Forward, Forward going down a little, and then Forward again, how do you input these? are the ones pointing halfway down a half circle? So it would be Forward, Half Circle, Forward?

You would circle your thumb on the stick/d-pad from down to forward.

Okay thanks Malesoun. I can still play this game well with the 360 controller right?

I havent used a regular xbox controller since MVC2, and i was terrible at that game, but i bought a Tournament Stick when 3 came out and I can say I still sucked with that, but after some practice my MVC gaming has improved tremendously. But it is hard to get used to at first.

Thanks. I think i will get good with the 360 controller.

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Okay thanks Malesoun. I can still play this game well with the 360 controller right?


Yes, if you put in enough practice then you will be able to play the game well enough with the Official Xbox 360 Controller.